HVAC Website Marketing Guide

Hello HVAC Companies! Do you currently have a website online? Or No website at all? Are you tired of getting no results from your online marketing efforts? Don’t worry we can help you get your website noticed, build you a new website, develop all your landing pages and start converting your website visitors into customers. We have put together this simple HVAC Website Marketing Guide to help you understand what steps you need to take to succeed online in this new modern era. Some of these steps require knowledgeable people to help you and that’s where we come in. We are a full Marketing and Website Design Agency focused on helping HVAC service companies succeed online. If at anytime you have questions or need help with your website please contact us.

7 Steps for your HVAC Online Business

    1. Domain Name: Get a short and easy to remember domain for your company website. Please make sure your domain either matches your company name or is something memorable. If your company name is XYZ HVAC then you would want the XYZHVAC.com or you can use something memorable like StayCool.com. Most likely these domains are registered and taken by someone else and they might be for sale. You can find out by visiting the domains and see where they lead you to. We can also assist you in getting a great domain for your HVAC business as well.
    2. Hosting: Every website requires a hosting company to house the website and help it function and be accessible to all the people worldwide. The hosting company is like a warehouse. In the warehouse, you have all your company products, offices and services you offer. Getting the right hosting company is key for your business, as you want to get a reputable and reliable company for your HVAC Website. You want your website load fast and you want your clients to be able to access it from their computers, phones, and tablets. If you are going to build your own website then you can set up hosting. But why would you build your own website? You are an HVAC pro would you hire a Roofer to install an Air Conditioning system in your home? NO!!! You want to hire a professional to do it right. Remember cutting corners by trying to save money will hurt your marketing efforts in the future.
    3. Build Your HVAC Website: Building out your HVAC Website is where we suggest you hire a professional. Many fundamentals go into building, designing and maintaining a website. Not only the site has to look good but the site has to have a great user experience, fast loading content and pages, on page SEO structure, tools, analytics and tracking ways to name a few. A lot goes into a website and the functionality. Get a professional to help you get your HVAC business online. We at AUUX Marketing have helped many HVAC companies get online and grow their online business.
    4. Local Marketing: This includes Google Local Maps, Bing Local, Yelp, Yellow Page Websites, and other local directories. You have to make sure of one thing when submitting your information to local listings. Your Company Name, Address and Phone Number must match and be same as all the websites you are submitting to and claiming. This effort will make sure search engines like Google see this and help your rankings.
    5. SEO: SEO involves two factors On-Page and Off-Page. The On-Page aspect will involve mostly technical work on your website. A knowledgeable Website designer will make sure all your On-Page SEO is set up properly. Off-Page SEO in my opinion comes down to one major factor and that is links coming to your site from reputable sources. How do you get links? Mostly by networking and content marketing.
    6. Paid Ads: The best paid ad system on the internet for home service companies like HVAC is Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You can instantly get targeted keyword focused ads in front of customers looking to service their HVAC or even get a new system installed. Google PPC is designed to help companies get leads and grow their business. A great tool to grow any business from large to small. You set your daily budget and you get full analytics and see your results.
    7. Social Media: Social Media is another great way to increase awareness to customers that are located near your business and that might need your services. The best way to see results from social media is to buy Facebook and Instagram ads. These are very affordable ads that help business get new customers.

This guide is a blueprint and is intended for you to get an understanding of the steps involved to get results from your website with online marketing. HVAC Companies need to market online in order to grow their business. If you are a new or existing HVAC Company you better make sure you start thinking about Online Marketing. As the saying goes Dinosaurs are extinct because they never adapted to a changing environment. In your case the business environment has shifted and the focus is ONLINE! Our Company AUUX Marketing can help you avoid all the headaches of getting online. We can get you started in a short period of time.