AUUX, Inc. offers specialized marketing and website design services for collision repair centers across the country. We have a wealth of experience helping collision repair businesses increase traffic and leads to their websites through targeted marketing strategies such as local map marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and paid advertisements. Our primary objective is to ensure that our clients' marketing investments yield a strong return on investment. We work with all types and sizes of body shops to help them reach their marketing objectives.

Collision Center Marketing

As an owner and operator of Pacific Coast Collision Center in Rancho Cordova, CA all my time is devoted to running my business. I do not have any online technical skills to maintain and market my website and business. AUUX, Inc. has helped me with online marketing for my collision center. They keep my phones ringing and the leads keep coming.

Eddy S. , Pacific Coast Collision Center

Pacific Coast Collision Center Case Study:

(Notice about this case study. Pacific Coast Collision has joined the CarStar Network. Last Update on data was in 2019)


Pacific Coast Collision previously had a limited number of organic keywords on search engines due to a lack of appropriate content and structure on their website. They also had minimal social media presence. After thoroughly analyzing the website's SEO and determining the necessary improvements, we promptly implemented the necessary changes. As a result, Pacific Coast Collision's website now ranks in the top 3 organic positions on Google for over 225 keywords. Our goal is to achieve top 3 rankings for over 500 keywords.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing:

On Feb. 22, 2018 we made changes and optimized Google My Business Listing. Since implementing and optimizing the GMB listing the website continues to grow and grab new leads consistently. The Company was listed under Auto Repair and was showing up for mechanic ads. We updated the listing to reflect Auto Collision Repair Center. Pacific Coast had several addresses listed as they had two locations. After closing down second location their N.A.P. (Name Address Phone Number) where never updated and this was hurting their local listings positions. We implemented our NAP consistency solution to update addresses on all major search engines and relevant sites. As you can see within a month of our marketing efforts Pacific Coast Collision started reaping the rewards from marketing.



Pacific Coast Collision Center came to us with a goal to maximize their ROI on PPC. After careful research and planning, we were able to implement a solid plan to run ads on several targeted PPC campaigns. The results below are snapshots taken directly from the Google AdWords account of Pacific Coast Collision Center.

Auction Insights – Average Position

This graph shows the average position of Pacific Coast Collision Center Ads compared to the competitors bidding for the same keywords. As you can see Pacific Coast’s average position is a little below 1 with an average of 1.2. The next competitor has an average position of 1.9, which is the red dot.

Auction Insights – Impression Share

This graph shows that Pacific Coast has 90% Impression share for their ads. This means that if their keywords were searched 100 times their ad showed up 90% of the time or 90 out of 100 times. Impression share is calculated on several factors and ads that show more often are ads that have higher quality scores. Just a quick note on Quality Scores. Google rates each ad and keyword with a Quality score and the higher your score the lower your CPC and higher ad position ranking.

Auction Insights – Top of Page Rate

This graph shows that 99% of the time Pacific Coast Ads were shown at the top of the Google search page above the organic and local listings. Ads that are shown above local and organic listings get a large percentage of the ad share clicks.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing:

What is social media marketing for collision repair centers? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are very popular social media platforms that are used by a few billion people daily. These platforms will allow your company and ad to be viewed by their user base and instantly give your company’s brand a boost. Social Media platforms can be used for lead generation, brand recognition, announcements, specials, or just to get the word out about your company. Facebook and Instagram marketing are fairly inexpensive compared to other advertising routes.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Social media marketing is a great source for companies looking to get leads and promote their brand to a large base of people. Pacific Coast Collision wanted to raise awareness of their Body Shop in the Sacramento area and we proposed a brand awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The body shop marketing for social media was a huge success. We created a simple before and after advertisement as you can see from the snapshot of the ad. The ad was seen 598,720 times within a 5-week period. Our client spent far less then they would have using PPC and other forms of marketing for this amount of exposure from this ad campaign. Our efforts and our client’s willingness to try Facebook marketing for the collision repair resulted in 4 new booked clients with that time period.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing:

What is Content Marketing for Collision Repair Centers? The search engines in the past several years have started awarding higher rankings for websites that consistently ad new content to their websites and provide relevant material for the visitors. Search engines want website visitors to have a good experience when visiting websites. If you have a website that you built years ago and have not updated any new content in the form of pictures, videos, blog posts, articles, latest company information then your website is considered stale and not worthy of ranking for the right keywords. This in turn results in no traffic and lost new business opportunities. Body Shop’s need to adapt a consistent content creation and online marketing plan if they want to succeed online and reap the rewards of higher keyword rankings. Our seasoned writer’s and content marketing specialist know what your audience wants and we will help you in your efforts for online content marketing. Please contact us for a free quote and get a customized online content marketing plan for your body shop.

Website and Logo Design

Website and Logo Design:

First impression is everything! You have heard that saying. If someone visits your online website and is not impressed or your website falls short of delivering the information they are looking for then you have lost a potential new customer. The body shop and collision repair website has to have several functions and deliver on the positive user experience. We will design and build out your website with the user experience and the functionality customized to your preferences. We want to make sure your customers feel welcomed whether they visit your website or your business. We use the latest technologies available to build out your website and we make sure we put our SEO knowledge into the construction of your website. Search engines have certain standards when they start ranking websites and we will make sure we build your site with a search engine friendly structure and flow. Pacific Coast Collision’s website needed a complete makeover when they approached us. We started from scratch and built out the website with new functionalities. Now the website captures leads, clients can make appointments, the site ranks for hundreds of competitive keywords, and the site is fast loading and accessible easily on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.